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Chasing Your Dream

The times we live in right now are scary at best and we contemplate whether the time is right to do something new or do what we are passionate about. If we wait until we feel the time is right it may never come. Life is full of ups and downs, you just have to learn to live it the best way for you. I worked for an employer for 20 years and at the 20 year anniversary I was told there was no job for me. My first thoughts were hooray now I can do what I always wanted to do. My second thought was how am I going to make my mortgage payment and pay my bills. My last thought was I can start a business doing what I was passionate about besides I was doing what I loved part time on my own.

I am not going to say it was easy getting started or that it happen just like that because the first thing I learned was, I CAN'T DO THIS BY MYSELF! The number one thing in realizing your dream of doing your passion is it does take a village. I had lots of research to do from a name search to a business license. I had to find someone who had been there and was willing to help me to get things started. That person must believe in you and be your cheerleader so when the bumps come they can keep you on course. Oh and by the way there is a cost involved. Not just a financial cost but an emotional cost as well. I wanted a business that offered solutions not just a warm and fuzzy feeling. My business name had to have a meaning and a foundation on which I could build my brand.

I began with the Law Of The Inner Circle. According to John Maxwell's book The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership it says that the law of the inner circle is knowing that my potential will be determined by the people around me. I had to find those who had the expertise that I needed and who believed in me and my dream. The most important part was to find those who were willing to share their expertise with me so my dream could be realized.

To chase your dream:

1. Know what your passion is this won't be work but will be fulfilling your dream

2. Know you can't do this alone!

3. It will cost you financially and emotionally

4. Build your team/inner circle with those who believe in you and your dream

5. Never give up! Build your wings on your way

I am launching my business with a symposium in September, 2017 ( you can see my symposium on my events tab). I am believing for success and a great launch for O.W.L.S. One Word Leadership Solutions!

You can do this, I believe in you so go chase your dreams!

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