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Hello everyone! It has been awhile since my last post and I want to share what’s been happening.

Lately I have been very angry with things happening in the world and I needed time to work through what I could do to alleviate my anger. I had to delay my business launch and that caused my anger to build. I was faced with the understanding that not everyone that says they are for you are with you. The continued issues with police brutality in the USA and the Hurricanes and devastation in Puerto Rico just contributed to my anger.

Here is what I learned through all of this:

Your dream is your dream! Everyone who gets in on your dream is either a follower or a contributor. Those who follow you are doing so because they like your dream, it relates to them and they want to see your dream fulfilled. By following you they then get inspired to do more with their dreams. A good leader has followers that are dreamers too!

A contributor is someone who not only follows you but gives into your dream, whether that is giving money or assistance. So here is where your caution alarm should go up, because sometimes that contributor will take up the space of the dream and attempt to redirect it. Remember that not everyone who says they are for you are with you!

People are always in survival mode. They immediately start thinking, what is this going to do for me or how much is this really going to cost me. Most people usually take an observer approach before they will commit to action. They usually say, sounds good but I think I will step back and see it work first before I am all in. The truth is that survival mode is a good thing to get you to process a thing but if you don’t act it was just a long walk around a thing. I have a dream and it will take me never giving up on my dream that will bring it to fruition.

The devastation in the past few months has been another sign that we need to be prepared for things. How do you prepare for the devastation of a hurricane? Well, I learned it is being prepared to help financially or with giving time and talents needed. No, you can’t prevent most of the damage the hurricanes leave but you can prepare to help those in need. One thing we all can do and should do is PRAY for those who were affected by these hurricanes, that is the least anyone can do.

Police brutality has been in our history in the USA for centuries and has been masked within our communities. It has now become a political conversation with no solution oriented progression. I can’t let this take my joy or stop my progress! I learned I must stay WOKE in this issue and be prepared to stand up for justice decency and life. I learned it is time to make sure the right people are in authority in my local elections as well in the national ones. Especially for all those that believe in the pursuit of happiness for all.

Please leave a comment on the comment page about this blog and your thoughts………

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